When You've Been Held and You Want to Say Thanks

For coming out of the dark
and finding Love holding out a hand.
For sister-friends and brother-friends--
the ones who pray and hope and
send Fear packing its bags.
For the choice to believe
when all seems lost.
For the One Who isn't lost
even when we are.
For the last week of Summer
and the way it lingers warm.
For watering the garden at sunset
and finding one cluster of jasmine still in bloom.
For Fall coming in with a chilling grey
and those spiced cookies baking up in the oven.
For Psalm 27
and the way it holds me up
when the burdens push me down.
For being held up
but mostly for the One Who holds.


and a few snapshots of joy from the week...

Giving thanks in words and pictures for the God Who holds when everything else gives way.  #1660 - #1682 of the Joy Dare.


  1. Lovely post and photos. I came over from A Holy Experience to see your blog.

    1. @Terra: Thank you for stopping by! Always a joy to find new friends through Ann's place. Grace to you in whatever road you're traveling right now.

  2. Amen! He does hold and uphold and hold together. Grace, mercy, and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ, dear Courtney!

    1. @tinuviel: Thank you, Dear One. Sending love and sweet grace back your way and praying for strength in your daily life.

  3. Visiting from Ann's Place...
    Beautiful post. God's goodness is immeasurable.
    I'm your newest subscriber via Google.

    1. @Stefanie Brown: So nice to have you in my corner of the world--what Grace! Yes, God's goodness really is immeasurable--there'll never be an end to all this counting, and isn't that the best news? Enough Grace to fill every last one of days to overflowing. So grateful.

  4. Replies
    1. @Mama Griffith: Thanks! They were a gift from my parents last Christmas and I've missed wearing them during these warm months. I thought the first day back in boots deserved a photo :o).

  5. I've missed you Courtney! It's good to find you back here at Ann's.I read back through a few posts & I have this church song running through my mind & wonder if you've heard it? "He lifted me up, from the miry clay, & He planted my feet, on the King's highway, & that's the reason, I sing & I shout!, my Lord came down,down down & He lifted me up,up,up!" I'm rejoicing that He lifted you up! Love & prayers, in Jesus, Cynthia

    1. @CynthiaJSwenson: Welcome back, Friend! It's a joy to hear your voice here again--yes, I was away for a bit. Well, just hiding really. And it's wonderful to be back, sharing life across the miles. I'm not sure I've heard that song--I'll have to look it up. Music always ministers to my soul, so thank you for sharing that. Grace to you, Friend!

  6. what a blessing to see His perfect love with and in you, casting out fear!

    like Cynthia, i had a song in mind which seemed to me to speak to your circumstances, and which i wondered whether you'd heard. it's called "even the winter" (from Audrey Assad's latest (i think) album, and findable on you tube). i was struck by the way the song combines acknowledgement of the reality and intensity of grief with insistence on the finality of joy, and i hope you'll like it...

    1. @chris: Always an encouragement to find your words here, Friend. I haven't heard the song you mentioned, but I love Audrey Assad and I'm going to look it up right now. "acknowledgement of the reality and intensity of grief with insistence on the finality of joy." I am mulling this over because you always find the right words to say what I don't even know I want to say. I really am this crazy woman who insists on acknowledging the reality of grief--because I think without it, the finality of joy loses its truest and most beautiful significance. Thank you for your wise insights yet again. Sending Grace to you across the ocean...

  7. And for all the ways you hold us too, Friend. Just... this deep love and thanks for shining your warm light so often my way. You're the best!


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