When The Whole Earth Is Full Of His Glory

 Giving thanks this week for...
The fourth day of Spring
dawning blue and clear,
afternoon warm enough
for wandering

Garden all aflutter
with the birth pangs of Spring,
me with the camera in hand
and the coat laid aside

The crouching and the reaching
just to catch a glimpse
of all the new life coming
straight from the ground

Those tiny daffodil trumpets
waving in the breeze,
their chorus of "Praise Him!"
almost loud enough to hear

A few leaves still clinging
to the branches of the Oak Leaf,
surviving every last day
of the long cold winter

That magnolia tree
with its buds all a-fuzz,
and the discovery of first blooms
opening wide to greet the sun

Me clattering over rocks, plants,
trying to reach the beauty unfolding,
and that joy thrilling deep and long,
right in my chest

Hunting around for
every little sign
that winter's letting go
and He's waking up the world

Then putting the cat on a leash,
us both soaking up the sun
and rejoicing just to be
here, now

Him hiding under
the rhododendron bush
with that tail swishing
back and forth

Me just laughing,
letting the wind
whisper across my face
and wash the winter away

Yes--He's waking up the world,
washing us all clean,
filling the whole earth
with His Glory

Praise Him!

Just a few of His gifts this week...more can be found on the Joy Dare page

Linking up with Ann Voskamp...and look!  I'm only a day late this week.  His Grace abounds.


  1. Today I was the one snap-happy in fields of bluebonnets, soaking up a bit of spring which we lacked in last year's drought. It rejoices my heart to know you had such a treat and energy to enjoy it. Love, joy, and peace to you in Jesus, friend.

    1. @tinuviel: Oh! Fields of bluebonnets? That sounds so very lovely. And thank you for the reminder to be grateful for the rain--we've been having tons of it this week. I'm not sure if we've *ever* had a drought here, so we often take for granted this water that gives life to the earth. Thinking of you on this very blustery spring day in the Pacific Northwest! Love to you, Friend.


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