How To Give Thanks In The Waiting

 Giving thanks this week for...

Sipping new teas on rainy afternoons
and pondering just the right one
for a party with friends

Unpacking teacups, teapots, tea linens, tea decor
and laying everything out to say,
"Welcome!  Would you care for tea?"

Friends arriving one by one
eagerly accepting my offering of tea,
my offering of myself

That one fruity tea that brews up pink
and the way everything looks so
happy, beautiful, perfect

Talking tea, laughing, connecting--
drinking life in,
one sip at a time

The ones who stay behind to clean up the mess
and that moment, late in the evening
when everything's done

Staying in PJs until 3 pm
and climbing back into them by 8--
a day to rest, breathe, find my feet again

Dreams of dresses and colors that inspire
and the way you have to give up the search
to find what you're really looking for

Counting down the days of treatment
Waiting, hoping, praying
Believing Him for a miracle

How the misspoken words
turn into a family joke,
leaving us breathless from the laughter

Learning to knit in cables,
rescuing that one lost stitch
from wherever it's wandered

That moment when an art project
finally begins to take shape,
lets you see how beautiful it can be

Homemade tomato soup
and grilled cheese sandwiches--
comfort food for grownups, too

The way winter whips fierce
at the dawn of spring,
all of us waiting on Him for rebirth

Yes, waiting on Him for rebirth

#1340 - #1367 of the Joy Dare


  1. Just look: eloquence without even trying. I'm thankful your tea went so well and you received a recovery day after. Those days are blessed! My prayers join yours for the miracle of effective treatment. Congratulations, also, on learning cables. I haven't attempted that yet in knitting, only crochet.

    You are growing beautifully, sister, whether you can see it or not. Your gratitude gives witness to His work in you as you learn, lay down life, and heal. You are right where He wants you. Don't lose heart.

    Much love to you in Jesus today, dear heart.

    1. @tinuviel: Well, there was a *little bit* of trying--my new friend Bernadette over at has been inspiring me to try writing my gratitude list in the form of poetry. And somehow that makes all these everyday things seem so very eloquent. Because life really is poetry anyway, isn't it?

      I never learned to cable in crochet--so I guess were even! Knitting cables is surprising straightforward--except of course I'm doing it while learning to knit in the round on double-point needles. Heehee. I'm a bit overzealous in my learning. But it's looking so good--even if it takes me *forever* to make this pair of leg warmers.

      And your words here? Oh so needed. And I didn't even know it. I feel at a bit of a standstill these days. Thank you for assuring that He is working and I am growing in tiny steps.

      Sending love right back to you, Dearest Friend!

  2. Oh I really like this rings true. Tea and knitting and friends. So special. Thanks for that little cup of joy.

    1. @Mama Griffith: Yay! So happy you found a bit of joy here--wishing we could have an afternoon of tea and knitting together. Maybe someday.

  3. and now...if we could just meet for tomato soup and grilled cheese. feeling all warm just because. your thanks becomes mine. still praying, friend.

    1. @Bernadette: Yes! Oh how I'd love to pull up a chair beside you and share a bit of ordinary life across the table. And this: "your thanks becomes mine." Exactly. When I'm reading another's list of gratitude, I am giving thanks right along with them. So beautiful. And thank you, thank you for prayers.

  4. okay so my comment got lost in space...computers make me feel sooooo dumb! this post makes me feel warm and fed and held. all the comfort of home and friends and tea and knitting. ( i can barely sew a button, but i so greatly admire you gals who knit beauty.) your words take me there, and it's nice to share. love to you today, friend.

    1. @Bernadette: Well, lucky for me--your comment *didn't* get lost in space, so I get to hear from you twice. Hooray! And just so you know, I can barely sew a button, too. Sewing is *not* my thing. AT ALL. But I love having something to keep my hands busy while chatting with a friend or watching TV or listening to a sermon. Somehow it helps me focus. Perhaps someday *when* we meet (I refuse to say *if*) I can teach you to crochet or knit. A girl can dream, right? Love you, Dear.

  5. Replies
    1. @Laura: Love and miss you more, my love! Write me soon and let me know how you are. Sigh. Dreaming of all our hours together drinking tea--you knitting and me crocheting those crazy flower hats and scarves. Best. vacation. ever. Praying for you...


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