A Farewell to Spring...

Evening In Spring

Daylight is
Slipping out of sight
To make way for a
Coming silence

As the garden
A sigh of relief,
I smile and
Follow suit

The hard work of Today
Is finished
And the pressing
Concerns of Tomorrow
Have not yet

In the brief
Hours of evening,
Hope awakens
And quietly takes root

I wrote this poem one wild April a few years back but never shared it with anyone.  On this, the last day of Spring, I thought I'd bring it out into the light and let it stretch its wings a bit.

And if you want to savor the beauty of Spring for just a bit longer?  I've posted photos from the RoozenGaarde Display Gardens, taken earlier this Spring, on Flickr, including those featured here in this post.

Farewell, Sweet Spring!


  1. Courtney, this is beautiful. I feel terrible that I missed this in June! I love the image of the garden breathing a sigh of relief and you following suit. Just beautiful.

  2. @Kim: I'm sorry but you are not allowed to feel terrible when reading (or not reading) my blog! :) I've thoroughly enjoyed our conversations over at Gospel Girls and our exchanges on Facebook the past several weeks. Thank you for stopping over and taking the time to read here. I've done very little photography over the past year or so, but it is something that brings me such joy when I am feeling well enough to do it.

  3. Can Bernadette leave a message?

  4. Yes! She can! I'm so happy that you made that possible for me; your computer challenged friend. I looove this poem. The whole rhythm of it rocks my heart soft, and your pics are gorgeous. You must keep writing. Even when you can't. I get it. Some of out here just really need to hear your voice to help us walk the hard road. You are the deep thread of blue that beckons us through. Yes. Keep writing. Keep writing even when you can't. I love you! You know it too. :)

  5. Hooray! I'm so happy you can use this system to comment, too. I wasn't sure how complicated it would be for everyone and, honestly, if it didn't work for you, I'd have to do something different. Because your words? They are soul strength for me. Thank you for Hope Words here. I want to write again. It heals my heart to know that my words are of importance to other souls wandering the hard roads. I *will* write again. Because God is faithful and He will carry me through. I love you, my Dear Bernadette. Always and always.


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