How the Moments Can Add Up to a Life

 Photos and grace moments from Days 2 and 3 of my recent trip (if you missed Day 1, it's here):

1495.  Us all sitting around in pajamas, waking up slow

1496.  Eating breakfast with the lake in full view, right out the window

1497.  Knitting rounds at the kitchen table, Mom and Grandma putting dinner in the crock pot

1498.  All of us heading into town to the House of Treasures

1499.  Wandering every last room of that Cottage by the Creek, choosing things to love

1500.  Forgotten spices found at the General Store, saving dinner plans from disappointment

1501.  Crocheting rounds all afternoon, then ripping them out when the blanket won't lay right

1502.  Finally figuring out the solution on the third try, project coming along at last

1503.  Grandma crocheting snowflakes in the rocking chair, sliding beads and counting stitches to herself

1504.  Mom sitting at the table, pondering beads and beauty

1505.  All of us sitting right in the middle of our creative messes to eat dinner

1506.  Evening full of tea and ice cream, laughter and projects

1507.  That one goose honking again when I go to bed.  Silly bird and me on the same schedule

1508.  Grandma saying "Boo!" when I leave my room in the morning, her face all lit up with that smile

1509.  Beading projects begun after breakfast

1510.  Wrapping wire around beads again and again, little nests of beauty taking shape

1511.  Grandma pinning out snowflakes at the kitchen table, starching them stiff and straight

1512.  Sun finally breaking out, sky all blue and empty

1513.  Wandering the yard, snapping pictures of blooms and beauty

1514.  Afternoon walk with Grandma and Mom

1515.  Meandering over gravel roads full of vague memories and that sweet feeling of familiarity

1516.  Wind so warm I'm in short sleeves in April

1517.  Fish for dinner, fresh from the lake

1518.  Evening of crochet and movies and ice cream and rest

1519.  Late-night laughter and beading at the table

1520.  Slipping into bed at long last, chorus of frogs lulling to sleep

Days 4, 5, and 6 still to come...


  1. All smiles. And that cottage: baked goods, espresso, AND ice cream? What's not to like? Beautiful knitting, and the star crochet pattern looks interesting. As disappointing as frogging work is, the ability to do so sets me free to take risks in yarncraft. I can always try again, and no one even needs to know.

    I hope the new computer is behaving and you can enjoy some rest over the weekend. Thanks for the glimpse into your vacation.

    1. @tinuviel: Oh I'm so happy to give you smiles! That cottage *is* wonderful. Every room chocked full of treasures--and I always wander around with a cup of chai in hand!

      I hear you on the frogging--but I *always* tell people when I've messed up. Silly me. I've done an 8-pointed star before and that pattern was great--but the 12-pointed star? Ack. The pattern isn't quite right so I've had to make adjustments along the way. And rip out a bunch. But I'm on the last round now! (If you want to try the 8-pointed star, I can email you the pattern?)

      And so far, I *love* my new computer. So, so, so much faster than the old one ever was. First new computer for work in 7 years. Such a gift.


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