Sunday, May 6, 2012

If You're Yearning for Beauty

{Reflections from Days 4, 5, and 6 of my recent trip.  If you missed the others?  Day 1 is here and Days 2 and 3 are here}


1521.  Waking up reluctantly at morning's edge, then peeking out the window to find His Glory shining all over the lake

1522.  Throwing on warm clothes over pajamas, rushing outside with sleep still in my eyes

1523.  Camera in hand, me all giddy with this beauty weighing down

1524.  Reflections of sky in the lake so still

1525.  Geese honking loud from every corner of the water


1526.  Sun rising behind the trees, dock bobbing up and down with every step

1527.  Snapping the shutter again and again--because I can't stop trying to memorize all this

1528.  Geese flying, ducks swimming, fishermen's boats floating quiet

1529.  Me smiling from ear to ear, so happy full of Him before the day's hardly begun


 1530.  Plans made for a road trip adventure

1531.  Those three snowy peaks in full view on that one stretch of highway

1532.  Sun high in the sky while I crochet rounds of color in the backseat

1533.  Wandering country roads lined with orchards in bloom

1534.  Sack lunch in the car, parked in a grassy field in the town called Odell

1535.  Making our way through the Blossom Festival, tables laden with art and food

1536.  Choosing gifts for loved ones, bags of treasures in hand

1537.  Those three flowered headbands for our three generation of women

1538.  Walking through a barn full of quilted beauty, birds singing in the rafters and us in awe of all the colors

1539.  Heading back to our resting place after a long day of travel and sun

1540.  Evening on the cough beside Mom, pouring over quilting magazines, talking out ideas

1541.  A few more stitches crocheted before bed, hours of progress measured

 1542.  Rising early on the last full day here

1543.  Hurrying outside to memorize all the sounds of morning by the lake

1544.  Birds flitting overhead, all this music thrilling my soul

{Visit the blog directly to listen to this recording of bird songs}

{Visit the blog directly to see this video of the morning sights and sounds on the lake}

1545.  Spending the morning combing through photographs of tulips, daffodils, and hyacinth

1546.  Mom and Grandma at the dining room table once more, laboring over beads and laughing over the learning

1547.  Sun climbing higher, us unable to sit inside any longer

1548.  Hauling out chairs and tables and supplies to the yard

1549.  Whole afternoon in the sun crocheting, watching teenage geese bob and swim


 1550.  Last dinner together, buffalo burgers and that oh-so-yummy salad

1551.  Packing begun, preparing us all for tomorrow's departure

1552.  Watching the sunset sky over the lake, clouds all decked out in pink

1553.  Running outside to stand at the water's edge and listen to the frogs and the geese filling up the night air

1554.  Lightning and thunder coming up from the South

1555.  Me standing on the back deck in the pitch dark, recording this glory in the sky

{Visit the blog directly to see this recording of the night sky and sounds at the lake}

1556.  Coming inside at last and that downpour of rain starting minutes later

1557.  Running back out into the night just to feel the rain coming down

1558.  All of us laughing in surprise at this day of wild weather

1559.  Staying up late again, our last evening together

1560.  Bittersweet song of the frogs as I lay down to sleep, wishing vacation didn't have to end

1561.  That one goose God sends to my window to wake me up in the morning

1562.  Last-minute photo shoot, three generations of women wearing flowers in their hair

1563.  Goodbye hugs

1564.  Talk of "next time"

1565.  Sunny skies as we head for home at last

1566.  Safe travels back to our home state

1567.  Dairy Queen "rest stop" to get us through the last hour of driving

1568.  Home.  Home.  HOME!

1569.  Bags unloaded, everything finally unpacked

1570.  First night back in my own bed

1571.  Cat curled up beside me, so happy to see me that she won't stop purring

1572.  Going to sleep with love under my arm

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How the Moments Can Add Up to a Life

 Photos and grace moments from Days 2 and 3 of my recent trip (if you missed Day 1, it's here):

1495.  Us all sitting around in pajamas, waking up slow

1496.  Eating breakfast with the lake in full view, right out the window

1497.  Knitting rounds at the kitchen table, Mom and Grandma putting dinner in the crock pot

1498.  All of us heading into town to the House of Treasures

1499.  Wandering every last room of that Cottage by the Creek, choosing things to love

1500.  Forgotten spices found at the General Store, saving dinner plans from disappointment

1501.  Crocheting rounds all afternoon, then ripping them out when the blanket won't lay right

1502.  Finally figuring out the solution on the third try, project coming along at last

1503.  Grandma crocheting snowflakes in the rocking chair, sliding beads and counting stitches to herself

1504.  Mom sitting at the table, pondering beads and beauty

1505.  All of us sitting right in the middle of our creative messes to eat dinner

1506.  Evening full of tea and ice cream, laughter and projects

1507.  That one goose honking again when I go to bed.  Silly bird and me on the same schedule

1508.  Grandma saying "Boo!" when I leave my room in the morning, her face all lit up with that smile

1509.  Beading projects begun after breakfast

1510.  Wrapping wire around beads again and again, little nests of beauty taking shape

1511.  Grandma pinning out snowflakes at the kitchen table, starching them stiff and straight

1512.  Sun finally breaking out, sky all blue and empty

1513.  Wandering the yard, snapping pictures of blooms and beauty

1514.  Afternoon walk with Grandma and Mom

1515.  Meandering over gravel roads full of vague memories and that sweet feeling of familiarity

1516.  Wind so warm I'm in short sleeves in April

1517.  Fish for dinner, fresh from the lake

1518.  Evening of crochet and movies and ice cream and rest

1519.  Late-night laughter and beading at the table

1520.  Slipping into bed at long last, chorus of frogs lulling to sleep

Days 4, 5, and 6 still to come...