If You're Waiting For Spring

If you're still fighting off Winter's grip, still waiting and yearning for Spring to break forth?  For God to break forth?

Then bend low...

 peer long...

and you might just see God here...

waking up the whole world from this holy hibernation.

Giving thanks on a wet, grey day for all the Grace Blooms He pours out on a life no matter the season or the weather or the way the heart beats and bends and breaks...

1396.  Taxes done at last!
1397.  Strength to step out of the comfort zone, trust Him with my whole heart
1398.  Courage to be myself when I'd much rather hide
1399.  Long walk around a lake, sun shining and wind whispering
1400.  All the light-starved people traipsing happy with kids and dogs in tow
1401.  Memories of long-ago days spent on this very path
1402.  Tiniest bouquet of flowers making their accidental way to my house
1403.  The happy wonder when I find how the Grape Hyacinth's been named with truth
1404.  Me bending low, breathing deep the fragrance of spring when the day gets hard
1405.  God's answer loud and clear, even when the answer's not the one hoped for
1406.  How the sun shines warm on a day when the heart needs mending
1407.  Those choked out email lines to a friend who prays hard
1408.  The arms of another friend holding tight when I come undone
1409.  Afternoon in the sun, iced tea in hand
1410.  Night of sleep after hardest day
1411.  Long-awaited word from the friend who's been busy, us making plans to reconnect
1412.  That happenstance glance at morning's sky, clouds burning magenta in just one place
1413.  How the grey hides the sun all the rest of the day and I hold that one moment of beauty as sacred grace
1414.  Direction from the doctor when the path's unclear
1415.  All the friends praying faithful for the healing and the hope
1416.  God who steadies when the long road stretches endless
1417.  The long road.  Yes.  The hard eucharisteo.  All is grace.


  1. Your thanksgiving is beautiful, the joy you see when you are enduring pain, seeking healing, searching for answers - you ARE seeing GOD and HIS hand in your life, instead of asking Why Me, it is clear you are taking it in stride, knowing his hand is with you. May you continue to be blest with friends who have strong shoulders and blessed words, doctors with answers, and overflowing grace in the knowledge that HOPE is true and that the long, wearying road is guiding you to Him.

    May you continue to see the beautiful marks of His hand scattered throughout your days...keep counting, taking pictures, soaking in his grace.

    1. @Momma Jen: Thank you, new friend, for stopping by and offering such words of Grace. I am humbled and encouraged that you find beauty and hope here, that you see Him in my searching and struggling. You prayer words are beautiful and needed and such a blessing. Thank you.

  2. Hi Courtney! this is so so so beautiful! you are so talented! what camera do you used. All your pics are pretty amazing! Take care of yourself, im not sure about whats going on with your health but, I will pray for it. thank care and have a blessed Easter.

    1. @tibisay: So lovely to hear from you, Tibisay! I am currently using a Nikon D50 camera with a Tamron 90 mm macro lens--it's an older camera, but the macro lens makes all the difference in the world, lets me get up close and helps get the lighting just right. Thank you for prayers, Friend. I am still dealing with chronic illness, still working through the many layers of my symptoms. And the answers aren't always clear. But God is faithful, and I am clinging to Him on this long road. Grace to you, my friend, as you celebrate this Easter season with your beautiful daughter.

  3. You are a fragrance. A pleasing aroma to God and to this heart here.

    Love you, friend,


    1. @Bernadette: How do always know what I need to hear, what this heart's longing for? Soul sisters for sure. Thank you. Grace and much love to you tonight, Friend!

  4. Do you feel safe to be yourself with me? I do hope so, sister. So glad you have a friend who can hold you when you come undone. Those souls are a rare gift.

    Thank you for sharing the beauty of your spring. I can't get over the quality of the light in your photos. How much of that is your northern latitude and how much your art, I wonder? So wonderful. Thank you for helping us see what you do.

    May the Lord make the *fellowship* of His sufferings real to you in your hard days and draw near you most vividly in these next few days of remembrance.

    Virtual hugs and tea-

    1. @tinuviel: Oh, yes! Most definitely yes! You are such grace to me, and I know you will take me however I come. *You* are a rare gift.

      I'd never thought about the difference in lighting due to being father North. Now I'm wondering about that, too. I think a lot of it has to do with the camera and lens combo I'm using--the macro lens captures light incredibly well and allows me to shoot in less-than-perfect conditions. Also, some of it is just knowing the best angle of the sun--I never shoot in midday sun because the light is harsh and the contrast is shallow. Early mornings and late afternoons offer much better contrast. And that's more than you *ever* wanted to know about the topic, right? Haha...you got me started on something I love.

      You've given me much to ponder in your emphasis here on the *fellowship* of His suffering. Thank you for wise encouragement--and for virtual hugs and tea. Not as good as the real thing, but *almost.*

      Love to you, Dear One.


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