How A Cup of Tea Can Warm the Soul

Last month I put together a ladies' tea for a few of my friends and I thought perhaps you'd like to catch a glimpse of all the joy we shared that afternoon?  Many thanks to my friend Krista of Krista Lea Photography for all these happy photos--I should have grabbed the camera and snagged a picture of her lovely face for you!

{This is my mom and me}

And yes, a cup of tea between friends, it really does warm the soul.

Giving thanks this week for these...

1447.  Hearing bird songs loud when I first wake up
1448.  Peeking out the window to see one lone bird perched on the tip of the neighbor's roof
1449.  Me unable to tear myself away from this window, this bird song, this hope
1450.  Him restoring my joy day by day, after all the hard losses
1451.  Reading about Frodo and friends before sleep
1452.  Getting so lost in the story that I miss bedtime entirely
1453.  Those recipe-laden magazines that find their way into my shopping cart
1454.  Happy inspiration for baking and cooking filling every page
1455.  That faint half of a moon still high in the sky at 8 am
1456.  Day's first light landing on snow-covered mountain
1457.  Long-overdue date with a friend
1458.  Her 20-week baby bump and her radiant smile
1459.  Us making plans for the dress I'm dreaming of
1460.  Postcard in the mail--from Italy!
1461.  This friend across the world, writing Grace into my life
1462.  A family who gives Grace when dinner plans fail
1463.  Sketching out ideas for an art project in the works
1464.  Saying "yes" to the idea, even when it's 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide
1465.  One more bottle of hope in hand
1466.  The bitter taste as I swallow it down.  Because sometimes hope is hard and we have to choose it anyway.
1467.  Another Saturday afternoon spent reading in the sun
1468.  Cat flopped in the grass, all these birds talking up a storm
1469.  Dad and I leaving the house early, driving long to see fields of tulips
1470.  Clouds lightening, breaking up as we drive North
1471.  That country song on the radio, making us laugh and roll our eyes
1472.  One hour of perfect light in the garden, all this beauty still awakening
1473.  Air heavy with the scent of hyacinths in full bloom
1474.  Rivers of muscari running in the midst of tulips and daffodils
1475.  All this beauty of His covering the ground, us here to breath it deep
1476.  God Who fills up the whole earth with His Glory

{PS--I'm unplugging for a week, taking a much-anticipated trip to rest, reconnect, and create.  I'll be back next week to share photos from my recent visit to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!  May you feel God near and strong on whatever journey He is taking you, Dear Friends}


  1. Courtney,

    I love the "Tea Freak" picture, and I would feel awkward and out of place at a tea party except for one fact, I'm a total TEA FREAK! I love it. Thanks for sharing. :D

    1. @Daniel: Yes! I'm so glad I'm not the only Tea Freak around here :o). The business cards for Remedy Teas all have clever sayings on them, but Tea Freak is definitely my favorite. And I have crazy dreams of sharing tea with all my bloggy friends one day--oh, what joy that would be! Grace (and tea!) to you today, Friend.

    2. I would love to share tea with you one day too. Maybe if I get to the Pacific Northwest someday, we may meet. It would be so much fun. :)

    3. Or I'd love to meet you if you ever get to Kansas City, Missouri. I'm on staff at the International House of Prayer. (

    4. @Daniel: Yes! If you're ever over this way, send me a note--I'd love to connect. And if/when I am strong enough for long-distance traveling, I will definitely have to take note of where everyone is located so I can meet some of my dear readers face to face!

  2. Love it!!! what a fun time with friends. I love tea too, there is a little coffee and tea shop down the peninsula that has loads of loose leaf tea. Every so often I try a new blend. You are SO special Courtney!

    1. @Mama Griffith: Aww, you are so sweet, Friend! I'm glad we can share a love of tea, even across the miles--hopefully someday we'll be able to sit down for a knitting and tea-drinking session together :o).

  3. How wonderful! What a delightful gift to give your friends and yourself. Your artist's touch is everywhere evident in the stage you set for that fellowship, and I feel I know you better seeing you in action and with your mother. (There's certainly a resemblance there!) May the Lord bless and rejuvenate you on your trip and transform that bottle of bitterness into an elixir of grace and healing. Thanks for the beautiful pictures from a beautiful young lady. (Yes, I'm writing of you.)

    1. @tinuviel: You speak joy right to my heart when you write that you know me better through this--and yes, my mom and I do look alike. When I had my hair super short and we were out shopping together, people frequently commented on our similarities. The funny thing is, though, if you see me with my dad, you'll think the same thing. I look half like my mom and half like my dad--and a whole lot like my brother! "Elixir of grace and healing." Oh, yes! I will hold onto that hope. Grace to you, Dear One.


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