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You may have noticed the blog's been a little quieter of late.

To be perfectly honest, the writing hasn't come easy these last weeks and months and there are days when I wonder if the words will ever find their way back to me.

But if you're wondering what this woman is up to in her ordinary, everyday life?  Well, there may just be a way for you to connect when I'm not strong enough to write the kind of soul stories you've come to know here at Growing Is Beautiful.

If you've visited the blog recently, you've probably noticed a few new additions to the sidebar.  If not, let me introduce you:

Follow Me on Pinterest
Pinterest is where I'm pinning up recipes I'd like to try, art projects I'd love to create, and all the things that are inspiring me to dream and plan and hope for whatever future He is making for me.  If you, too, are on Pinterest--I'd love to connect and see what you are dreaming of.  If you're not on Pinterest, you can still click on the link to see what I'm pinning--and you might just decide you'd like to join in the fun.

Twitter is where I'm tweeting about the very ordinary things of my everyday life--what I'm making for dinner, what kind of tea I'm drinking, what the crazy weather is doing here in the Pacific Northwest, and many more things you may or may not want to know about me.  You can see my latest tweets in the sidebar or click on the link to see my complete Twitter page and join in the conversation.  If you're on Twitter--I'd love to connect with all your everyday ordinariness, too.  Of course, you're certainly free to tweet about far more interesting things than me!

Facebook is where I have the privilege of staying connected with friends near and far.  It's where I can comment on pictures and updates from friends and family and be reminded to say "Happy Birthday!" on the appropriate day.  If you're on Facebook and want to connect this way, feel free to send a friend request--just be sure to mention you're a blog reader so I know you're not a crazy spammer.  Or a regular spammer.  In case there are any of those.

Ravelry is where I find patterns for knitting and crochet--and where I try to post pictures of finished projects, though I'm a little behind on that part at the moment.  This site is for members only (free to join--a great pattern resource for knitters and crocheters), so if any of my fellow stitchers are using it?  I'd love to see what you're making these days.

If you choose to connect with me on any of the above, drop me a note somewhere to let me know?  I'd love for this to be a two-way street, from one real-life person to another.

And if you're not all that interested in my very ordinary life?  Well, that's quite okay, too.  I hope to return to more serious writing in the weeks ahead.  I have a feeling God's doing something amazing and I'd love to write His story whenever I am able.  Keep me in your prayers?  You are all Grace to me and I am so very grateful to be walking a bit of this road with you.


  1. I'm a rare facebooker...just check in sometimes to post something from my blog. (and to spy on my kids) I'm contemplating Twitter and I don't even know what Pinterest is. It is good. More out of comfort zone things. And a pal who can help me figure that side of life out! You are such a great friend. :) AND you can knit! Sigh. Super woman. Blessings on your sleep tonight. Love you madly!

    1. @Bernadette: I love that you spy on your kids via Facebook :o). And I love that now I get to see a close-up picture of you whenever I log into Facebook. God is *so* good. I'm new to Twitter and Pinterest, but slowly figuring things out. Pinterest has been inspiring me in cooking, baking, and creating, so I'd highly recommend it if you're in need of inspiration :o). And I *promise* to teach you to crochet or knit someday. Because there *will* be a someday when we meet. Sending love right back at you, Dearest!

  2. Dear heart, I *am* interested in your extraordinary life, but I'm not presently in any of those communities. Perhaps the twitter gadget in your sidebar will have to suffice to keep me updated, and there's always email. The calendar on my wall will remind me to pray. (New image Sunday! Yippee!)

    Writing is hard work, even if it is mostly mental. Sometimes with chronic illness, I find it's easier to push on through a routine manual task like folding laundry than string words and images together. Take care of yourself, sister. Love God by submitting to the limits He's placed on you for this season.

    May God refresh your spirit as you create in other ways for now. We'll be here when you return. Love to you in Jesus.

    1. @tinuviel: I was just posting a reply to another comment when your words popped up here on the screen--a joyful surprise on this blustery afternoon!

      I love how you've refused to call my life "ordinary." You are such a beautiful friend. I know many people aren't using these various gadgets but I thought I'd reach out to the people who might be, open myself up to more connections with my readers. And *yes*, you and I will keep emailing as we are able. You are a gift to me.

      Thank you for wise and understanding words about the hardness of writing in the midst of chronic illness. You are *so* right. I am keeping up with cooking and laundry and work hours and bills...but the writing? It seems so much harder than all of that put together. "Love God by submitting to the limits He's placed on you for this season." My new mantra.

      I will keep trying to post small things, pictures and poetry and gift lists. But for now, the long and emotionally rich stories will have to rest in His Hands. I know I've said it a million times, but I am so grateful to call you Friend.


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