When It's Time To Hold On

we don't know
how to hold on.
Soul-storms rage,
long roads stretch endless,
and we let go of
things that used to matter,
even people we once loved,
maybe God, too.

we don't know
how to let go.
Relationships break,
hopes slip away,
whole lives implode,
and we hold on
to all the pieces
with that white-knuckled
grip of fear and
refuse to feel the loss.

Oh, there's beauty in
all of this, all of us,
because there's a time for both--
the holding on
and the letting go.
But we're broken, too,
and our timing--
it's all wrong.

There's only one way
to fill the gaping, aching
emptiness that haunts.
Just this--hold on to Him
and let everything else go.
Then we'll see
what's always been:
It's only Him Who
holds us together


  1. Just what I needed, truth! Thank you.

    1. @MamaGriffith: I am humbled to know that God is using my small words to speak His big truth. I wasn't sure this poem was ready to be posted--it felt a little "off the cuff" to me and I was hesitant to share. So thank you for reassuring that God is heard even when I am struggling to speak. And may you find the strength to hold on to Him and let all the rest go.

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    1. @Clumsy Girl: It seems there are a lot of us going through this "letting go" stage these days--you are not alone, my Dear Friend. May you find Him all sufficient as you seek to grab on to Him and release all the rest. I love you more than words can say.

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    1. I *love* having soul sisters! So, so glad we've connected.

  4. This reminds me of a quote a mentor used to give me. I think Corrie ten Boom is the source, but don't, um, quote me on that. :) "I dare not hold too tightly to the things that I love dearly, lest the Lord should have to pry them from my hand." Open hands, letting go... that relinquishment is so key to growth in Christ, isn't it? Thankfully, He is our example and companion in the process, holding our hands in His as we learn to hand our dearest over to the Father.

    It's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday. May God give *you* the strength you need for whatever kind of week He's given. Love to you, dear heart.

    1. @tinuviel: Hmmm, well I *think* all these hard days might indicate the whole "prying them out of my hands" thing is happening right now ;o). Yes--open hands. Maybe we never really "get it" here in this earthly journey but maybe we can achieve an ever loosening grasp on the things that matter less in light of the One Who matters most. But I am pondering long this idea that it's less about letting go and more about holding onto Him.

      I, too, have been struggling this week--and strength is exactly what seems to be lacking. So thank you, dear one, for prayers. I will be praying for His comfort and sustaining power to be evident to you in the coming days. Grace, Friend!

  5. You are just the dearest lady, Courtney. I want to give you giant HUG! Thank you for your continued encouragement over there at freedom journal. (I'm saving your comments in a file...is that crazy?) Love feeling connected to another soul walking around out there.
    Thank you,

    1. @Bernadette: Sending a big ol' hug right back at you! You are so very welcome for the encouraging words--I honestly can't believe no one else is leaving them for you. You write beautifully and I can't help but respond. (I save *all* my comments, so nope--it's not crazy :o). Yes--I'm loving the connection, too. Blessings to you, Friend.


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