When You Want to Make the Words Your Own

My Psalm 121

The mountains rise high
The road stretches long
And courage drains away
Straight into the ground

You've laid out the path
And I've said yes to the journey
But the fear of what's to come--
It can weigh down a whole life

Who will help me stand
Under the weight of all this fear?
Who will give me strength
To walk the hardest road?

It's You, isn't it?
The One Who made me?
You're my Protector
My Deliverer, my God

You're the One Who
Stands Watch through the night
You're the One Who
Steadies me with every step

You're the One Who
Shelters my soul
From all the raging storms
And the quiet battles within

There isn't any need
To wait for help to come,
Only to whisper Your name
And find You're already here

So I'll fix my eyes on You
And let the fear fall away
Because You're my Protector
My Deliverer, my God.

{If you missed my musings on Psalm 121 from earlier this week, catch up here}

On this day, the Day of Giving Thanks, I'm whispering deep thanks for the One Who stands watch through all the dark hours of a life, the One Who holds each of us in His Hands no matter how long and treacherous the path, the One Who covers us with Himself in every storm we face.  Yes, this God Who made us, He is our Protector, our Deliverer, our God.  And, oh, there aren't enough words in this whole wide world to sufficiently thank Him for that.

Much grace to you, Dear Friends.  You are each a gift to me on this journey and today I am giving thanks especially for you.  May our God be near and His Grace overflowing on whatever path He is leading you.


  1. This is wonderful. Happy Thanksgiving, dearie!

  2. beautifully done, dear one. i hope your Thanksgiving was full of blessing and laughter. Grace to you in Jesus!

  3. I don't know how to fix my eyes on Him... this is so very subjective, easy to understand as a must, but hard to "practically" do... beautiful writing!!!

  4. Thankful for your psalm, and the loving courage it manifests! may you be abundantly blessed this weekend--

  5. @Lucy The Valiant: Thank you, Kind Friend. And I pray that your Day of Gratitude was filled to the brim with Hope and Light and Him. Especially Him.

  6. @tinuviel: Blessings, laughter, food, and family--yes, His goodness rains down and I am humbled by it all. Thank you for words here, for Grace, for friendship. May His strength carry you through your own journey, wherever He is taking you.

  7. @Anonymous: (might this be T?) You are right--it is so easy for this phrase of "fixing our eyes on Him" to become cliche and lose its real meaning. For me, at least here in this stage of my journey, I am fixing my eyes on Him by recounting His promises to me. When the fears swirl in my head, I speak out loud "You are my protector. You stand watch through the night. You steady my every step." The enemy fights hard and we have to stand our ground in Christ alone. When the lies of discouragement, fear, and anger overwhelm, speak the promises of God and let Him be the focus of your heart and mind. Does that help at all? Grace to you, Friend, in the hard road. May He be nearer and more real to you than any of the fears you face.

  8. @chris: Thank you for speaking blessings over my life. And this phrase "loving courage"? Oh, so much truth there. Isn't this the only courage that really gives us hope, the courage that's drawn from His love for us and our decision to love Him back with all we have? May you, too, find Grace and Courage and more blessings than you can count on this road you walk with Him.


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