Tiny little town
Beside a big, big ocean
The roar of waves
Forms the background of
My memories

Learning to ride a bike
With a blue banana seat
Straight down the middle of
A street without cars

Picking blackberries on a
Hot summer day--
The smell of ripe fruit
And the taste of happiness

Walking fence tops
Around a yard full of daisies
Rolling plastic culverts
In an empty field of grass

Stolen sunsets on a
Flat, puddle-filled roof
Mishaps and mayhem
In an overgrown forest

Tree swing and tree house
Sand box and sand lot
A little imagination
And a whole lot of laughter

These are the things I remember
These are the things I miss
These are the pieces of
Who I used to be

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one who shared my childhood.  My best memories from those years are the ones of you and me together, always in the middle of one crazy mishap or another.  Thank you for all the laughter, the late night talks, and the wild adventures I'll never forget.  Happy Birthday, B.


  1. Oh, I love that poem! Totally took me back to "the good old days" ;oD I may giggle the rest of the evening over some of our misadventures.... Lol
    Thank you for the birthday poem and wishes ♥

  2. @B: I know...I had a hard time not adding the "achy breaky heart" detail to the culvert story. Oh, those were the days weren't they? So many happy memories. Hope your day has been great!


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