It's a week of hard Eucharisteo and Thursday's already here and I haven't whispered thanks.

There are all these words to write and there's hope to be found, but right now I'm just breathing through it all.  Because there's still beauty all around and I'm inhaling the fragrance of His love, exhaling the hard Eucharisteo

Will you breath with me?

1038.  God always here, even when it's hard to breathe

1039.  Angels who protect when a loved one wants to die

1040.  Broken hearts leaving room for the deepest healing of all

1041.  Strength to do what's needed, long after strength is gone

1042.  Unexpected laughter in the middle of hard days

1043.  Family who opens the door, makes room for one more

1044.  Brother who does what's right, even when it's the hardest thing

1045.  Friend who prays while she carries her own heavy load

1046.  Not grieving alone

1047.  The One Who breathes hope while I breathe thanks

1048.  Hope Himself.  Always, always Him.

Breathe in....breathe out....

Breathe in....breathe out...

He is near.

{Photos taken at the Woodland Park Rose Garden at sunrise}


  1. What stunning photos! I'm sorry it has been a week of hard eucharisteo for you, but thanks be to God for giving you courage and strength to breathe out thanksgiving through whatever affliction has come upon you.

    May He strengthen you with His grace and bless you in your obedience. As you note, Christ Himself is hope. May He bloom beautifully, inexplicably, in your heart today.

  2. @tinuviel: Thank you. Just thank you. What a beautiful picture you've put in my head of Christ blooming in us, roots of Hope all intertwined in our broken places. Thank you for this.

  3. Absolutely stunning photography! Sorry you've had a rough week :o(

  4. @B: Thank you--I thought of you when I was taking the third picture with the big ol' water drop hanging down. It's hard to resist those drops, isn't it? ;o) You'd love the rose garden here. Maybe someday...


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