This Is Spring

It's been a bit dreary here in the Pacific Northwest this spring.  Plenty of clouds, rain, and cold, cold, cold.  But ever so slowly, the garden is awakening.  Everywhere I look, I find tendrils of hope, of joy, of life.  And oh, it is beautiful!

This past week, an afternoon of rare and welcome sunshine gave me the chance to explore the garden and capture glimpses of God right here in my own front yard.  Can you see Him, too?

789.  One stem of bluebells bursting forth from another plant's pot

790.  Lavender buds promising a purple summer

791.  Leaves of the 'Floating Clouds' maple reaching out from shadows

792.  Memorial Tree awakening at last...

793.  ...its leaves unfurling like flames

794.  First blooms opening on the cutleaf lilac...

795.  ...with more buds still waiting...

796.  ...and leaves living up to their name

797.   Fern fronds unfolding like creatures from another world

 798.  Sarcocca bush laden with berries the color of midnight

799.  Leaves of 'Pandora's Box' glowing in the sunlight

800.  Fothergilla gardenii in full bloom

801.  Flower buds decked out in fuzz

802.  Trio of peony buds hovering in the shade...

803.  ...another dancing in the sun

804.  Ladybug stopping by for a visit

805.  Japanese maple leaves framed against the afternoon sun

806.  Hellebore bloom lingering long past winter, spider's web trailing off its petals

807.  Maple tree decked out in pink.  Pink!

808.  Leaves opening like fists unclenching

809.  Cotinus coggygria leaves opening like little cabbages

810.  Leaf shadows

811.  Five-fingered fern dripping with light

812.  Spring--always spring!

813.  God Who holds the world together, brings spring after every winter

814.  God Who holds me together, brings life after every loss

More gift counting for this week (773-788) can be found on my One Thousand Gift List


  1. yes, signs that spring is here, and God's beauty is everywhere, especially if you look close. Thanks for drawing us in.


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