Broken by You

Is this love?
You tell me it is,
And I am left to wonder
Why it has to
Hurt this much

Sometimes I wish
You would take your love
And hide it away—
Some place where it
Can’t break me anymore

But you won’t do that;
Love doesn’t leave,
You say, even when it
Costs us everything

~April 2010~

I am revisiting the poems I wrote last year during the Poem-A-Day Challenge over at Poetic Asides and this one strikes a chord today in light of all that God is teaching me about the hard beauty of brokenness.  Even when brokenness is sacred, the pain of being broken can blind us to the pouring forth of God.  And we cry out for relief, to be hidden from the One Who breaks us.  But the greatest mystery is this:  Even when we beg Him to leave us--He doesn't.  A year after writing this poem, I couldn't be more grateful for the God Who doesn't leave, the God Who breaks us with His Love, the God Who heals us with Himself.