The Glory and The Grace

You were the One
First pierced
Poured out on
Hard ground
And emptied of
The Glory and the Grace

Now it is You
Who pierces
Pouring us out on
Broken soil
And making room
For the Glory and
The Grace

Your blood runs
Clean through
And redemption pools
Even in dark places—
We die to live
Full of the Glory
And the Grace

As You fill the
Hollow spaces
Mend the cracks
Of fragile life
We are born anew
Born of You—
The Glory and the Grace

(Written in response to this beautiful post from a friend)


  1. this is stunning. i'm going to print this out and put it in my "corner".

    i was going to say that this is exactly what God has been speaking to me lately...the emptying, the filling...and then i realized that *this* is the poem you told me about.

    this restoration has been such a beautiful gift and i can't wait to tell that to you face to face.

    lots of love,


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