In the Ordinary

To be honest, I've been feeling a little down lately.  And for a girl who loves, loves, loves Christmas, that is a very sad statement indeed.

But something about this particular Christmas season has left me feeling a bit lost.

Maybe it's because my beloved ornaments are packed away in storage--their happy shades of purple, pink, teal, lime green, royal blue, red, and gold still hidden in the darkness of cardboard boxes.  Or maybe it's because I've spent 18 months in a temporary living arrangement, trying desperately to make it feel like my home and trying even harder not to be a burden to those who have so graciously taken me in.

But after a year and a half, I am only certain of two things:  This is not my home.  And I have no where else to go.

Which leaves me feeling lost.

A few days ago, I pulled one small box out of storage.  I was looking for something specific.  I found it easily, but I also found something I wasn't expecting:  Inspiration. 

And a little inspiration was all it took for me to realize that what I needed had been staring me in the face all along.  It was simple.  It was ordinary.  It was perfect.

One trip to the store and two evenings later, I had transformed this:

Into this:

It's true, there is a distinct lack of purple, pink, teal and lime green on my little tree.  Those ornaments are still packed away somewhere.  But the theme I chose instead still makes me very happy:  "It's Snowing Cats and Kittens!"

Because as you can see, there are snowflakes:

And there are lots and lots of kitties:

And suddenly, I don't feel quite so lost.


  1. The most Beautiful Ficus I've ever seen! quite inspirational!

  2. Kittens and snow, a very sweet theme and probably the only way you'll see the two together. Can't keep you down for long, such an encouragement.

  3. oh courtney!! i love it! it's beautiful and perfect (no pun intended...). how happy that you made a place of beauty in the midst of being in the "middle".


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