The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Believe it or not, there are only 43 days left until Christmas.

What? You didn't want to know that?


Well, while you are busy panicking about all that needs to be accomplished in the next 6 weeks, I'm going to be celebrating some of the little things that make this my most favorite time of year.

First, I pulled out my Christmas mugs this week.  Festive, aren't they?

And then, just today, I started wearing Christmas socks.  Yes, it's true.  Thanks to my mom, I am the proud owner of 26 pairs of Christmas socks.  I'll have to extend my wearing of these socks until after New Year's just so I can wear each pair more than once!

And let's not forget the "sounds of the season"--most of my CD cases are packed away in storage somewhere, but here are the ones I could scrounge up for you:

And last, but not least, this is the perfect time of year for another giveaway!  Yes, that's right.  I'm giving away TWO festive Christmas mugs.  These ones, to be exact:

Oh, don't worry.  I'm not giving away my Christmas mugs.  These are duplicates of ones I already have and I want to share the fun with you.  As with 99% of my mugs, I found them at the Goodwill, but they are original Starbucks mugs and both are in excellent condition.

And in case you can't already tell how awesome they are, consider what's inside them:

And underneath them:

And on their saucers:

And if you're into stats, these cups are 3 inches tall, 4-1/4 inches wide at the rim, and hold 12 ounces.

Now, don't you just want one?

To enter the drawing, all you have to do is a leave a comment--either here or on Facebook--and tell me something you enjoy about the holiday season.  It could be one of the things I mentioned above or something completely different.  Eggnog lattes?  Pumpkin pie?  Five-course meals with 37 extended family members?  Decorating the tree?  Pulling your cat out of the Christmas tree before he tips it over?  The choices are endless, in my opinion.  But then again, I do think this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Leave your comment before midnight Pacific time on Thursday, November 18, 2010.  I will draw 2 winners, one for each cup.

Now go enjoy the next 43 days--and start listening to Christmas music already!


  1. my favorite thing is all the time you spend thinking of others during the next month. Oh and I dont feel out of place playing christmas tunes on my banjo!

  2. oohh, so many things to love about the Christmas season...sitting in a dark room in front of the lighted tree, the lighted village on the mantle with a fire blazing below. Listening to Kenny G., while drinking a cup of Candy Cane Lane Celestial Seasons Green Tea.

  3. this is the first christmas that i've been struggling with feeling excited about celebrating the holiday season - almost like i'm scared that if i begin to bring out all the decorations that all the awful memories of a year ago will come falling on top of me.

    seeing your two mugs has given me a bit of hope...

    probably not the kind of comment that you were hoping for...but if i could pick *one* thing to be thankful for, it would be the music. music is healing and i should bring out the music at least...

  4. I think my favorite thing is the kid's excitement..... The pure joy at thinking of gifts for others, the delight at seeing decorations, each Christmas is the MOST exciting one ever. :o)

  5. It is easier to tell you what I don't like & that is zero, nothing.I love the busy malls watching people, the hub bub of the crowds,the happy music. Decorating the tree , setting up my street scenes turning on all our out side lights, burning scented candle, watching our 86 Christmas movies, the planning, baking, cooking, visiting.The possibility of a white Christmas, and most of all the reason for the season Jesus Christ and what He has done for me.And yet there is much more I love Christmas!!!! I love you.

  6. I love love love the crisp weather... the twinkle lights all over the place... festive music (Amy Grant Christmas is a must!)... Peppermint Mochas and/or Hot Chocolate... giving presents... especially to the kids in my family... family traditions... and lots of good food!! Wow... I love the holidays! Oh, and I love wearing sweaters and lots of blankets on my bed... and who can have that in a California summer (or most of the rest of the year for that matter!)

    It's a Wonderland... you know...


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