Winning Isn't Everything...

...But it sure is fun!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Tea Cup Giveaway this week and shared your tea recommendations.  It made me happy just reading about all that tea love.

With about a dozen entries into the drawing, I opted for the old-fashioned way and actually drew names from a hat.  And yes, it was an actual hat--not a bowl or some such thing.  Random number generation is so boring in comparison, don't you think?

Okay, now that I've strung you along for two paragraphs, I'll just get right to the important stuff:

Winner #1 is......Clumsy Girl, author of the Tales of a Clumsy Klutz blog and also known as my amazing friend from California!


Winner #2 is......Cousin Patty, who is technically my mom's cousin but I think that makes us first cousins once removed?  Not really sure.  All I know is we're related!

Congratulations to both of you!  For being Winner #1, Clumsy Girl can pick a color (pink or blue) and send that to me along with a current mailing address to Courtney{at}GrowingIsBeautiful{dot}com.  I promise to get your happy little cup in the mail this weekend.  As for Winner #2, I think a hand delivery might just be in order.  Unless you really love getting packages in the mail, in which case you can send me your mailing address, too.

As for the rest of you, don't despair!  I have at least two more giveaways planned for the upcoming holiday season, so you may still be a winner yet.  Well, actually, you are all winners in my book, in case that counts for anything!

Happy tea drinking, my friends, and don't forget the NW Tea Festival coming up in a mere 10 days!


  1. Congratulation to both of you tea gals, what fun!

  2. Sweet! That word is on my mind a lot lately, since I am trying to go sugarless. Hope to see you guys Sunday. Thanks.....

  3. I love your giveaways, Its inspired me to give it a go. I think I will make a hat or two! I love to give things away anyway...doing it on a blog makes it sound SO much more fun!

  4. @MamaGriffith--Oh goody! Firstly, I'm happy to inspire you and secondly, I'm excited that I might be able to *enter* a giveaway ;o). Can't wait to see what you make!


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