Happy Thoughts

Five little things that are making me smile:

1.  I bought new glasses last week.  They're purple and black.  And oh so awesome.  Don't you think?

2.  I pulled all my tea mugs out of storage a couple weeks back and picked out five of them to make up my "Fall Collection."  Happy mugs make tea drinking even more fun than usual.

3.  The changing weather means its time to pull out my scarves--and not just any scarves.  These are silk scarves hand painted by my Great Aunt Chickee.  Beautiful, yes?

4.  Over the weekend, my mom and I went yarn shopping.  When I told her I wanted to make a blanket for myself, she was so excited that she bought all the yarn for me.  Apparently, it's well past time I made something for myself.  These are the colors I picked out. With names like Amethyst, Pesto, and Great Plains, how could they not be happy colors?

5.  And last, but not least:  The Tea Festival is only 12 days away!

PS--If you haven't entered the giveaway from last week, you still have until tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight!


  1. love the new lenses, You are absolutely beautiful in them. The mug idea is fantastic. I love to celebrate things with a pretty cup ;)

  2. Though I am truely not ready for summer to end, Autumn is my favorite season. As I sit and enjoy "Mellow Moments" by Stash (in a pretty mug), you have encouraged me to let go and move on. Mom

  3. I finally am quilting again after putting off making a backing on the one I am making for the summer time (no batting). Cross stitch is on hold and I have fabrics stored up for a fall quilt. The fabrics were given to me by family and friends. Happy thoughts!!!

  4. Your joy is wonderful to see - I am delighted along with you.

    with great care,

  5. I have to say, you look absolutely RAVISHING in your new glasses, AND the scarves!
    I just caught up on your last several blog posts, and I'm so very happy for you! I've experienced a very similar flooding of HOPE in my life, and it brings tears to my eyes to see the joy in you through your words.
    Take care, my love!

  6. Love the new glasses..... B says they are BEAUTIFUL! J likes your mugs, and the little man wants to know if you are married! ;o) I kid you not, we looked at you lovely pics and the first thing out of his mouth after seeing the second pic of you was "She married?" *Sigh* I'm afraid I will have my hands full with him! :o)

    You do realize that after showing us your beautiful yarns that you are required to take a pic of the finished product so that we can ooh and aah, don't you? :oD

  7. yes! Yes! beautiful...thanks for the color as I look out on a rainy day...you lift my spirits


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