Head in the Clouds

When I traveled to California last month, it was only my second time flying.  I was fortunate enough to have a window seat both directions and the views were amazing!  In spite of all the headaches involved in packing for air travel (not to mention the near strip-search to get through security), I have officially decided that I love flying.  I suppose if I were to ride in a plane often enough, it would eventually get old--but that isn't likely to happen in my lifetime!

Here are my favorite views from the trip, all taken with my "pocket camera," the Cannon PowerShot SD990 IS (click on any picture to see it larger):

Can't wait for my next flight, whenever that happens to be!


  1. Isn't it amazing how you can see past the earth's atmosphere to the darkness of space!!!

  2. those are good shots for a point&shoot! Mine usually don't come out so well.

    Flying is a beautiful and strange thing, eh?


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