‘Ocean Lullaby’ Baby Blanket

Back in December of 2009, my friends The Little Family welcomed their second child into the world, a handsome baby boy named Matthew. At the time, I was a bit distracted by all the collages, ornaments, and scarves I was making for Christmas, so I was unable to finish a blanket for Baby Matthew until February. Why it has taken me until April to post the pictures, I can't rightly say. Better very late than never at all, I suppose. 

I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn and chose three colors I already had on hand—black, gray, and blue—leftovers from various projects in the past. Of course, I ran out of said three colors and had to buy more, so now I still have leftovers. Ah well. I tried. I also made my first attempt at the chevron pattern and found it quite simple and fun to do. 

While I was crocheting this blanket, my friend Rachel mentioned that the colors and pattern reminded her of waves. I agreed and decided to call this blanket design "Ocean Lullaby." 

The overview:

The closeup:

And the edging:

It seems this chevron pattern would be perfect for a scarf, so I think that is what I will do with my yet-again leftover yarn. And who knows, perhaps I'll use that scarf for another blog giveaway!


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