Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sneak Peak: RoozenGaarde Display Garden

Dad and I trekked up to Mount Vernon, Washington, yesterday to photograph the tulips at RoozenGaarde Display Garden.  You may recall that we visited last year as well--what can I say?  It's a flower photographer's dream to have so many blooms to choose from all in one place.  We had hoped the weather would clear off for us and give us some good light for shooting, but it turned out to be only semi-cooperative.  I still had fun playing with my new camera and practicing with different lenses.  I spent more time trying to capture color combinations and interesting shapes than I usually do, but of course I took plenty of "head shots" as well.  I haven't had time to go through all the pictures yet but thought I would post a sneak peak with a few of my favorites before I head off on vacation this week.  More to come later this month!

(These first pictures were taken with my new-to-me 18-200mm VR lens)

Circle of Color

Rows of Pink

Yellow Tulips from Ground Level

Bee in Flight (you'll probably have to click to enlarge if you want to see the bee)

Princess Irene and a Sea of Muscari

(These next pictures were taken with my dad's 105 mm macro lens)

Late Blooming Daffodil

All Orange

The Lovely Aperitif Tulips

Purple Happiness

Waiting to Open

And now it's back to prepping and packing for vacation.  I am quite certain I will have lots of pictures to share when I get back.  Until then, tulip season is almost over--so get out and enjoy them while you can!

Friday, April 9, 2010

‘Ocean Lullaby’ Baby Blanket

Back in December of 2009, my friends The Little Family welcomed their second child into the world, a handsome baby boy named Matthew. At the time, I was a bit distracted by all the collages, ornaments, and scarves I was making for Christmas, so I was unable to finish a blanket for Baby Matthew until February. Why it has taken me until April to post the pictures, I can't rightly say. Better very late than never at all, I suppose. 

I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn and chose three colors I already had on hand—black, gray, and blue—leftovers from various projects in the past. Of course, I ran out of said three colors and had to buy more, so now I still have leftovers. Ah well. I tried. I also made my first attempt at the chevron pattern and found it quite simple and fun to do. 

While I was crocheting this blanket, my friend Rachel mentioned that the colors and pattern reminded her of waves. I agreed and decided to call this blanket design "Ocean Lullaby." 

The overview:

The closeup:

And the edging:

It seems this chevron pattern would be perfect for a scarf, so I think that is what I will do with my yet-again leftover yarn. And who knows, perhaps I'll use that scarf for another blog giveaway!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


You are cloaked in ordinary
For much of the year
Nondescript leaves hang from
Crooked branches
Rendering you invisible to
Those who pass by
They have forgotten your name
They have forgotten who you are
They have forgotten to
Notice you

But I notice you
I know your potential
I know, come spring
You will be nothing short of
Blooms as large as my hands
Will adorn you from
Head to toe
With no leaves to
Distract from your beauty
And nothing
To hide who you are

We have much in common
You and I
Spending most of my time
Covered in the ordinary of
Everyday life
I feel invisible sometimes
Forgotten or unnoticed

But there is One who
Sees me
Not just as I am
But also as I will be
He knows my potential
He knows, come Spring
I will be nothing short of
Reflections of His glory
Will adorn me from
Head to toe
With no depravity to
Mar the beauty
And nothing
To hide who I am

Come quickly, Sweet Spring
Come quickly