Handmade Ornaments

While most of my gift projects will have to stay under wraps for a few more days, I also made a few pre-Christmas gifts that I am finally free to post about.

Four years ago I decided to start a tradition of making ornaments every Christmas for my friend B's children. Last year I also began making ornament for B's two youngest siblings and my godson Corin as well. That brings the total to six handmade ornaments, which is why I began working on them in January this year. And starting early gave me high hopes for what I could accomplish—perhaps a little too high.

I chose to make counted cross-stitch ornaments this year with 14-count plastic, back them with felt, and then attach a ribbon for the hanger. I began with this one for my godson Corin:

I had intended to make five more with various scenes from the Christmas Story. However, although this one turned out beautifully, it took me six months to complete. Granted, there were multiple life events happening simultaneously and I was only able to put in a short bit of time each week. Still, I no longer had any ideas of grandeur about finishing five more before Christmas.

Instead, I settled on these adorable miniature stockings:

I completed all five in only a couple months and was quite pleased with how they turned out. Of course, I am especially fond of the one I designed myself, the "flame" stocking for B's 12-1/2-year-old brother:

I am already gathering ideas for next year's ornaments because, clearly, starting early isn't an option—it's a must! If you have any suggestions for handmade ornaments, I'd love to hear them. You can post them below in the comments or email them to the address in the sidebar.

And stay tuned for more gift reveals—I can't wait to share them!


  1. Six months! Courtney, you are so dedicated! Thank you so much for Corin's ornament -- it has actually been our only Christmas decoration for the past couple weeks, hanging on the doorknob as we go into and out of our place, until we finally got more decorations out last night. It's beautiful and much appreciated.

  2. I am so proud of your talents and the desire to share them. You inspire me to do better about such things. Merry Christmas,


  3. Is it evil to be selfishly glad you started Corin's first, then? Because he loves his Baby Jesus ornament. He keeps making us take it with us in the car, since it's hanging on the doorknob. It never did make it on the tree this year, since he prefers it to be handy! He's very pleased his godmother made it for him — even though he's 2, I can tell!

    Hope your Christmas was merry, dear friend!

    P.S. The stockings are adorable, too! I love the variety.


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