Poetry: Reading and Writing

This past week I started reading my friend Amanda's newly published book of poetry, Swimming in the Wild, Wide Ocean. Featuring poems from the last 20 years of Amanda's life, the writing is diverse in both content and form. And I am finding it hugely inspirational. I am interested in exploring different styles of writing with my poetry, although I will be the first to admit that I readily "get in a rut" and stick with what I know and what is comfortable. I hope in the near future (I use the term "near" rather loosely, of course) to find a book or website with writing prompts and exercises to assist me in my desire to branch out and try new things with my poetry. In the meantime, I wrote this poem over the weekend in an effort to be a little shorter and bit more ambiguous than I typically am in my poetry:

Reaching to Be Found

Reaching out

Finding nothing

Where are you?

Too much has happened

Too many things I don't understand

If I find you

Will you take me back?

Do I want that?

Reaching out

Finding cold, hard stone

This is what stands between us

A wall made higher

By months and months apart

Wider by words that can't be un-spoken

Stronger by everything you are

And all that I am not.

Reaching out

Needing you

Find me

Find me

Find me

Feedback is welcome, of course. You can tell me if you love it, hate it, or are ambivalent—I can handle it, honest. And if you are a fellow poetry writer or reader, you should definitely order a copy of Amanda's book!