Thankful Thursday

It's time for another late-night Thankful Thursday post. In all fairness, I did begin writing this last night, but somehow it never got finished and so here I am scrambling to get it posted before Thursday is over. Well, it's not like I can't be thankful on Friday, too :o).

*I am thankful for sunburn and bug bites. Why? Because it means the weather was beautiful this past weekend and I was out in it for HOURS. How thankful I am for summer-like weather in April!

*I am thankful that in small ways, I am learning to let go and be brave. As I mentioned in my last post, I got down and dirty photographing the tulips without even really considering what people would think. And their funny looks made me laugh rather than making me feel self-conscious. On another day this weekend, I went outside in my pajamas to photograph my garden because the sun was hitting it just perfectly and I couldn't take time to get dressed before running out there to get photos. Was it worth it? You tell me:

*I am thankful for getting the approval to take time off from work for a much-needed, long-overdue trip to visit dear friends. Let the countdown to vacation begin!

*I am thankful for all my artistic friends (which is pretty much all of you) because you help me to see the world differently, to notice beauty in unexpected places, to find deeper meaning in the everyday things.

*I am thankful for metaphors and analogies—I process the intangible things happening in my heart and mind so much more fully when I can relate them to something I can see and understand.

*I am thankful for hope—hope of healing, hope of better days ahead, hope of eternity, hope of starting over. There were many years of my life when hope was not a word in my vocabulary. I did not understand it and it had no place inside my heart. I am so thankful that has changed and that God has planted hope where it never was before.

And what are you thankful for, my friends?


  1. Definately worth it!!! Confidence and the ability to get what you want, despite funny looks, comes with practice. Always remember the end result; great, fantastic, beautiful photos!!!


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