Making War

I am angry,

More angry than I've been before.

Does that scare You?

Will You get angry back?

Worse yet

Will You turn and walk away?

I am angry that You left me

Angry that I had to grieve alone

Angry that I don't know who You are

Angry that I loved You

And even more angry that I no longer do.

Where have You been

And why have You come back?

It's too late.

I am broken.

We are broken.

And I am only angry.

Maybe making peace

Begins by making war.

Yesterday I felt nothing.

Today I am angry.

Maybe tomorrow I will miss You.


  1. This all sounds so familiar. You are not alone. Grieving can last a while, but there is an amazing peace that surrounds you when the reconciliation returns. Actually, during the anger and hurt, there is the continual little voice or nudge from God... I remember that, too.


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